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Whether you’re selling a business, managing an intellectual asset portfolio, or addressing a financial issue in court, the assistance of an experienced finance, accounting, and valuation professional is an essential resource. Cupitor was formed to address the important and sometimes urgent needs of businesses and their owners during such times.


                The eagle exemplifies qualities we are known for: an ability to seek and see. We are able to approach complex financial matters and extract the critical insights needed to guide a decision or communicate to a jury. Our investment in advanced tools, financial databases, and secure IT infrastructure allow us to get to the bottom of issues involving large data challenges in a reliable and timely manner. We offer personalized service for both small and large projects, and can assemble a team for large projects as needed.


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Updates & Events

Cybaris Intellectual Property Law Review - Co-author with Andrew Marnach: "Portfolio Valuation," Cybaris, Volume 5, Number 1, William Mitchell Law School

Journal of Accountancy - Co-author with Michael Gregory: “IRS Oversight of CPAs who Provide Valuation Services,” AICPA, December 2013

Tax Advisor - Co-author with Michael Gregory: “IRS Oversight of CPAs Who Provide Valuation Services,” AICPA, November 2013

William Mitchell Law School - Workshop on Best Practices in IP Portfolio Management, October 4, 2013: Panelist and speaker on intellectual property valuation. Other speakers included IP counsel at 3M and IBM plus former IP counsel of Cargill.



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